HCAHPS Hospital of Choice



Who should listen, watch, and learn?

Nurses, CNAs, Dietary, Lab, Imaging, Physicians and Advanced Care Practitioners, Housekeeping, Billing, Maintenance, PT/OT, Pharmacy, Volunteers, Transporters and Everyone!


Timely, Relevant Educational Content

HCAHPS Skills for Everyone

  • 39 modules designed for all hospital personnel, whether directly at the bedside or ancillary, and support personnel
  • Organized into 6 HCAHPS domains

HCAHPS Nursing Skills

  • 57 modules developed expressly for all nurses
  • Organized into 7 HCAHPS domains


Learn How To

  • Turn every frontline employee into an empowered caregiver
  • Deliver consistent, kindness care to patients and their families everywhere
  • Fine-tune interpersonal communication skills to create a relationship centered experience
  • Bring calm to patients with anxiety, fear, and related emotional concerns
  • Provide a consistent experience that patients will enthusiastically recommend

Module List for HCAHPS


Everyone's Role as a Caregiver

  • We're All Caregiver's
  • Why Patient Satisfaction is important
  • What Gets Measured, Gets Treasured
  • HCAHPS and Value Based Purchasing
  • Managing Expectations
  • DO IT Meetings
  • Service Huddles
  • Sentence Starters
  • Attitude!


  • Quiet Questions and Why They Matter
  • Managing Noise Expectations
  • Quiet - Healing Time
  • Quiet Sentence Starters
  • License to Silence


  • Cleanliness Questions and Why They Matter
  • Freedom to Clean
  • Cleanliness Sentence Starters

Staff Responsiveness

  • SERVE and AIDET - Non-Clinical
  • The Six Foot Rule
  • Service Recovery
  • No Pass Zone
  • The "Live It" - Platinum Rule
  • Managing Up


  • The Overall Survey Question and Why It Matters
  • Courteous Communication
  • Respectful Communication
  • Mindful Communication
  • Empathizing with Difficult Behaviour
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Phone Skills
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Line Management
  • Lean Tools
  • Personal Excellence

Willingness to Recommend

  • Recommend Survey Questions and
    Why They Matter
  • The Power of Referrals
  • The Patient Reality Check
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Ideas Worth Quoting and Reading


Communication about Medication

  • Medication Education Questions and Why They Matter
  • New Medication Education Checklist
  • Preceptor Role: Medication Education
  • Patient Medication Coaching - a Very "Big Deal"
  • Medication Education Teach Back
  • Medication Education Sentence Starters

Communication with Nurses

  • Communication with Nurses Questions and Why They Matter
  • Nurse Team Mission Statement
  • Chat Time
  • AIDET and SERVE - Clinical
  • Bedside Reporting
  • Nurse Communication Tools
  • Nurse Communication Sentence Starters
  • Nurse Communication Key Questions

Discharge Information

  • Discharge Questions and Why They Matter
  • Avoidable Readmissions
  • The Power of the Checklist
  • Discharge Starts at Admitting
  • Discharge Coaching - Daily
  • Discharge Coaching - Day Prior
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Discharge Coaching - Going Home Day
  • Post Discharge Phone Calls
  • Discharge Packet
  • Discharge Teach Back
  • Discharge Sentence Starters

Pain Care

  • Pain Care Questions and Why They Matter
  • Pain Is the 5th Vital Sign
  • Pain Myths
  • Ethics of Pain Management
  • Pain Care Mission Statement
  • Effective Pain Assessment
  • Manage Pain Expectations
  • Medicate for Pain Relief
  • Alternate Pain-Reduction Strategies
  • Post Discharge Pain Management
  • Pain Care Tools
  • Skilful Pain Care Communication
  • Pain Care Sentence Starters
  • Pain Care Collaboration
  • Pain Care Imperatives

Responsiveness of Staff

  • Staff Responsiveness Questions and Why They Matter
  • Call Light Response
  • Hourly Rounding
  • Staff Responsiveness Sentence Starters

Transition of Care

  • Care Transitions Questions and Why They Matter
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Patient Accountability for Self Management
  • Medication Self Mastery
  • Care Transition Tools
  • Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate
  • Care Transitions Sentence Starters
  • Care Transitions Collaboration
  • Care Transition Vital Questions

The Hospital Environment

  • Quiet Tools, and the Never-ending Job Jar
  • Hospital Infections & Commonly Occurring Micro-organisms

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