We Engage

You Design


App Store Gain a buy-in from your people before buying. Too often healthcare organizations choose education systems that are rarely, If ever used. Google Play EAC offers a made-for-you frontline Engagement Orientation:

  • That provides a representative group of 10-12 caregivers
  • A one-hour opportunity to learn about a potential education system
  • Choose a small group of modules of interest to them
  • Preview them over a brief period,
  • Report their insights and perceptions of potential value to your organization


Design your annual education implementation plan beginning day one. The EAC Engagement Model includes an educational design planning workshop for your leadership team and key influencers:

  • Based on the frontline feedback your leadership team will be guided through a 90-minute WWW (Who, What, When) Session about how to create ownership from all caregivers.

Design your Own Education Model

The Everyone's a Caregiver Micro-Webinar System provides a flexible platform for you to adapt to the unique needs of your patients and caregivers by way of: