Engagement Test Drive


Too often healthcare organizations choose education systems that are rarely, if ever, used... and/or they quickly become a flavor of the month and are forgotten.


The Everyone's a Caregiver "Engagement Test Drive", enables leaders to; Gain practical objective insights and recommendations about the value and impact of the Everyone's a Caregivere education directly from your frontline.

The Next Step

We will facilitate a quick and easy way for your frontline caregivers to evaluate the Everyone's a Caregivere Micro-webinar System.

Step 1

You choose a small representative group of caregivers

Step 3

We facilitate a 30 minute engaging orientation for your people to learn about Everyone's a Caregiver and how it works

Step 2

Your caregivers choose a small group of 5 minute videos to watch

Step 4

Your caregivers share their feedback of their perceived value to your patiends and organization

Engagement Test Drive Feedback