How EAC Works for You


Learner Initiated, Manager Monitored

  • Managers can monitor each caregiver's individual progress
  • Minimizes learning supervision time because the education process is learner initiated
  • Each domain includes skills testing

A Seamless One-Stop-Shop for Patient Experience Education

  • Nursing modules fuse communication and clinical skills
  • The breadth and diversity of skills range from bare bones to leading edge
  • The entire library includes three years of comprehensive educational tools
  • No hardware or IT needed. The application is cloud-based
  • Leaders have no need to hunt and shop for additional patient experience training
  • A flexible option of merging with your existing LMS

Reduces Turnover

  • Higher caregiver retention results in a greater patient satisfaction
  • Continous Frontline education is a valuable retention strategy

Just Pennies Per Day

  • Employee retention improves with an investment of education
  • Average investment is $0.20 per employee per day
  • No wasted time and we provide 5 Star help desk support

Ensure all Caregivers are Survey Literate

  • Caregivers can instantly access their current patient experience survey data
  • Lack of organization-wide patient experience survey literacy will never be a problem again

Patient Relationship Experts

  • The net result is turning employees into Patient Relationship Experts

One Click of the Mouse

  • Provide instant, on the go access to education via smart app, tablet, or desktop
  • Learners choose self-education time and place and proceed at their own pace
  • Reduces labor costs. No need to budget expensive classroom productivity hours
  • Micro-Webinars easily integrated into daily workflow

Relevant, Enjoyable Learning for all generations

  • Education is gamified, creating fun incentives to learn
  • Multiple viewing applications to create an environment for all generations and learning types
  • Caregivers enjoy a positive learning experience

Creates Engagement and Empowerment

  • Empowers every employee to see themselves as a caregiver
  • Everyone's a Caregiver Micro-Webinar System includes a facilitator "Train-theTrainer" Service Excellence Advocate advanced learning feature
  • Frontline caregivers and leaders are actively engaged in designing your education model
  • Everyone becomes a patient advocate
  • Your brightest and best can shine by facilitating peer education

New Hire Education Made Simple

  • New hires master essential patient experience skills beginning on day one
  • Comes complete with a turnkey, frontline engagement process
  • On average, caregivers rate their learning experience as a 4.2 on a 5.0 scale!
  • New hire education is no longer an organizational hassle
  • Employees are quickly motivated to participate in their own professional development
  • Every module incorporates a downloadable learning guide

You can expect to transform your caregivers to patient relationship experts


Each webinar includes:

  • A Downloadable Learning Guide
  • DO IT Action Steps (DO IT = Daily Ongoing Implementation Tactics)

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